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and staff at ccsf formed 14 different work groups to address every recommendation that the accjc cited us on and we put in a lot of hours to try and meet their recommendations. so, it's been a huge slap in the face that we are at this point now. we think it's very unjust and undeserved and thank you very much for your support today. (applause) >> thank you. next speaker. >>> hi, supervisors. thank you, supervisor cohen, for holding this hearing and supervisor avalos. my name is dennis [speaker not understood]. by the way, i went to city college three years, 1957 to 1960. and then later in the middle of my printing trades career, i decided i wanted to see if i could do something else so i went back to study physiology which was available to me. but that's not what i'm here for. i think you guys know because you've heard it all, that this is a political fight not an education fight. it's a political fight to hold onto this ability to have this kind of capacity to offer. what really is the only working class institution in san francisco that serves more than 90,000 adults here, and many of t
examiner office asked us to delete the term over night processing for the fee to reflect what the fee is for. >> okay. colleagues if no questions can i have a motion? >> so moved. >> motion to move 12 to the full board as amended. do so without opposition. mr. city attorney i believe we have amendments for item 13 as well. >> this one is just amendment to the title to reflect the actual content of the ordinance. >> motion to amend item 13 to the city attorney's comments. >> so moved. >> do so without opposition and move 13 to the full board july 16 board meeting. do so without opposition. mr. city attorney i believe item 14 needs to be amended as well. >> this is the last time i'm going to speak today. this is an amendment to accept the proposals of the budget analyst which he described on wednesday. it would provide that the library could accept gifts up to $100,000 without board approval but need approval for larger groups and eliminate the grant fund originally in the ordinance. >> actually i thought -- >> supervisor wiener. >> i thought that the recommendation was just to re
mohammed morsi. and in the u.s., members of congress remain split on whether to suspend aid to the egyptian military. >> there are no good choices in egypt. there's no good guidance. >> more than 2,000 homes are evacuated in idaho. and new information in princess diana's death. nearly 16 years after she was killed in a car crash, scotland yard says it will take another look at the case. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, august 19th, 2013. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm ama
joins us to talk more about that. the president was having a lot what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >>they share it on the stream. >>social media isn't an afterthought. it drives discussion across america. >>al jazeera america social media community, on tv and online. >>this is your outlet for those conversations. >>post, upload, and interact. >>every night, share undiscovered stories. my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houston, texas, and i'm an associate producer for america tonight. i grew up in a very large, loud indian family. they very much taught me how to have a voice, and from a very young age i loved writing, and i love being able to tell other people stories. the way to do good journalism is to really do your research, to know your story, to get the facts right, and to get to know the people involved in your story. america tonight and al jazeera america, it's a perfect place for that to happen. [[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views. my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas
. >> a new voice of journalism in the u.s., al jazeera america. america. >> we tell the human store ri from around the block, across the country. >> if joe can't find work, his family will go from living in a hotel to living in their car. >> connected, inspired, bold. hi, my name is jonathan betz, and i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. i started in a small television station in rural arkansas. it's a part of the country that often gets overlooked. but there are a lot of fascinating people there, a lot of fascinating stories there. i like that al jazeera will pay attention to those kinds of places. what drew me to journalism is i like the idea that we are documenting history. al jazeera documents it like none other. and to be a journalist, and to be part of a team like that? that's an incredible blessing. there's more to financial news than the ups and downs of the dow. for instance, can fracking change what you pay for water each month? have you thought about how climate change can affect your grocery bill? can rare minerals in china affect your cell phone bil
who have millions of dollars in their bank and us as navajo people the majority of the population live under the poverty level and i believe our unemployment rate is like half and so earlier people were talking about and mentioning the number. >> reporter: i want to stop you have because you have 30 seconds and i want you to have a chance to jump in here. >> going off what liona said there is a lot of corporate influence on our politics and the way decisions are made in the nation. when you start to follow the paper trail which is very elusive and hard to do from the community level you start to realize a lot of the tactics are the same plowed by agencies or organizations like alex and they manage to have front men who promote and lobby for initiatives. >> reporter: wrap it up, i'm so sorry, thank you to all of our guests, earl, jeanene and thanks to you at home for watching and participating and we will see you online. ♪ >> welcome to aljazeera. here are our top stories. ghastly new pictures from syria show dead bodies in the street after the alongside chemical weapons attack, as
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, but their source had made them available to the times, and they could use them. and yes, the court made clear there were some circumstances in which using them might even lead to a prior restraint, and injunction but there were even more, the court said, which could lead to a finding that they violated the espionage act, which is to say to allow them to publish and then to go to court against them. that's what we see leaks is afraid of. no one has kept wikileaks, no one is able to keep wikileaks from saying what it wants in a very sophisticated way they have of avoiding limitations on what they did to say. and so the answer to your question is that it hundred and if it ever came to court, the question was who with a to b. to decide, but they would be a trial in which there was a decision to be made about how dangerous what they released was. and by the way, i left out that some of the stuff wikileaks released i think had a very good impact on society. my articulation of the darker side. but that question of how bad does it have to be, how harmful is have to be and the like is one which is rea
places or things without thinking of him. there used to be an appealing building in berkley he loved. you were aware of the bricks underneath. the color it was painted and the effect of the under color that was now the top. there's a place as you approach the bay bridge on the way to san francisco where you can see the water. he would comment on the color of the day as opposed to the other. he taught me to see the variation as blue or yellow the shadow the classes can effect the color we see if we look at more completely and carefully. though he think of a chair of a model at an we still recognize it when it's colors are pushed into a different part of the spectrum. he took a well-made pair of scissors or old well-worn tools. he appreciated form as it related to function. our life was organized around his life and it always ways. when we first moved to berkley we lived in a flat where the dining room was his office. later we moved and it's studio was in the backyard and at least part of the time we worked there that he lived there he worked in this studio. i only knocked on that door once
and she's downstairs and she says to coordinate. please save us 6 kids and my wife. i'm moving from shelter to shelter and now i'm being terminated they say no longer to come back i'm done. so, please give >> thank you very much sir. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon. i'm sylvia from the board of the san francisco opera and supervisors i'm here to ask you to support the mayors budget for the arts community. the opera is an international opera company and we bring visitor here from throughout the world and they stay in the hotels and eat in the most expensive radiance here in addition to that we have a full education department we have 16 teaching artists that go out into the schools. we have touched over a thousand school kids this year and we've had over 1 thousand and 50 something coming to our dress rehearsals mark your calendar for november 8th. it will be the high school night and we would love to
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well, now joining us on our booktv set is radio talk show host, columnist and lawyer larry elder. his most recent book, "dear father, dear son: two lives, eight hours." mr. elder, who is randolph elder? >> guest: randolph elder was my father. you heard the term tiger mom? my dad was a junk yard dog dad. he was one of the first black marines, and i knew that my dad was a marine, and because of his gruff exterior i sort of thought that marines were just sort of mean, brutal people. my brothers and i could not stand my father. i mean, we couldn't stand the s.o.b.. we thought of him as cold, as uncare, as unloving, unlovable, and whenever he came into the house, it always changed the atmosphere in the home. when i was 15 years old, my father and i had a furious fight. we didn't speak to each other for ten years. so the book is all about the conversation my dad had when i was 25 years old a conversation that i thought was going to last ten minutes, it ended up lasting eight hours. and he morphed into this kind, caring, sensitive man that i completely misunderstood my whole life. so th
. >>> president obama wants to use a rating system that will judge cools on
, so call and order now. >> i used to be the girl who would stand in the corner. i did not think i looked pretty. i just had very low self-esteem. i was at a point of depression, i thought i wasn't gonna get out of it. since starting zumba fitness, i've lost a total of 88 pounds, i went from a size 18 to a size 6, i saw my stomach shrink, i saw my thighs shrink, everything fits better, i can buy cute clothes. it's changed my life. if you just give zumba fitness a try, i promise you, it will be so worth it. [♪...] >> zumba fitness has been changing lives for over a decade. and with thousands of zumba fitness fans gathered in one place, there's no shortage of stories. check out this inspirational story we discovered at a photoshoot for zumba's very own z-life magazine. >> as a mother of four, since discovering zumba fitness, my body has completely changed. i have lost now 17 pounds, my muscles have gotten very toned. i have more energy than ever. the best part about it is you don't feel like you're exercising, which makes you want to continue to do it because it's so much fun. you
land use issues, or setback issues or residential design guideline issues, or whatever, then it probably isn't extraordinary. but there seem to be other circumstances that we're always faced with. so, on the one hand, i think as a bedroom, since it's off the bedroom and if we assume that the project sponsor is going to live there for quite a long period of time and he's old enough that he's not going to grow very much taller, he's, you know, the five foot setback would probably work. i don't know which lady in the back is your wife, but i assume she's not any taller than you are. so, from one standpoint you could argue that five feet might work in this case and still have enough livability on the deck. and i suppose -- and i don't know where to go with it exactly, but one idea might be to have -- although you may not want to go to the extent of spending the money for it, but you could have the roof deck as a deck and only pull the railing back five feet. and then at some future date -- and i'm trying to be sensitive here. at some future date, either the if this owner le
been challenged, team after team has fallin short. >> michael eaves joins us to talk more about that. the president was having a lot than the ups and downs of the dow. for instance, could striking workers in greece delay your retirement? i'm here to make the connections to your money real. >> al jazeera america, a new voice in american journalism. introduces america tonight. >> in egypt police fired tear gas -- >> a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. >> they risk never returning to the united states. >> we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. mission. >> there's more to america, more stories, more voices, more points of view. now there's are news channel with more of what americans want to know. >> i'm ali velshi and this is "real money." this is "america tonight." sglovrjs our -- >> our news coverage reveal more of america's stories. this is the 900-page document we call obamacare. my staff has read the entire thing. can congress say the same? sure that stories don't escape them. >> every day a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact un
Search Results 10,200 to 10,216 of about 10,217

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